Knowing the threat vehicle, the velocity it is expected to attain, and the acceptable penetration distance provides the ability to select an appropriate security rated bollard for site specific conditions around a facility. The variables considered for different test conditions include the following:

  • Vehicle speed (from 30–60 mph, depending on the threat vehicle)
  • Vehicle type (small passenger car up to heavy goods truck)
  • Vehicle weight (2430 lbs to 65,000 lbs, depending on the threat vehicle)
  • Condition Designation (based on threat vehicle and velocity, equivalent to K-rating in former State Department standard)
  • Penetration distance (DoS’s L-rating; ASTM’s P-rating)

Here, at BullardBollards, you can find an ASTM crash rated lit bollard, as well as non-lit. Download our CRASH RATED BOLLARDS guide to easily choose needed bollard.


(M) Medium-duty truck (15,000 lbs)

  • M30 (30 mph)
  • M40 (40 mph)
  • M50 (50 mph)

(PU) Pickup truck (5,070 lbs)

  • PU40 (40 mph)
  • PU50 (50 mph)
  • PU60 (60 mph)

(C) Small passenger car (2,430 lbs)

  • C40 (40 mph)
  • C50 (50 mph)
  • C60 (60 mph)

(H) Heavy goods vehicle (65,000 lbs)

  • H30 (30 mph)
  • H40 (40 mph)
  • H50 (50 mph)

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