Apollo 2 Horizontal Outdoor

Apollo 2 Outdoor is a lamp design that combines pure functionality with a graphic aesthetic.

The powder-coated aluminium construction contains an LED tube, giving the lamp an industrial look.

The LED tube provides a 360-degree uniform light thanks to more than a thousand LEDs per meter. A modern design suited for different locations.



NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
Apollo 2AP-89 01.Black
Custom RAL on request
101. L:183cm(72″) x Ø8cm(3.14″)
102. L:366cm(144″) x Ø8cm(3.14″)
103. L:300cm(119″) x Ø8cm(3.14″)
104. L:183cm(72″) x Ø8cm(3.14″)
105. L:183cm(72″) x Ø10cm(3.93″)
Aluminum and PCLED Specification Sheet PDF