Baro’ a die-cast aluminum post has a vertical form with soft, curvy lines, but at the same time maintains a simple and minimalist form. A perforation in the upper half of the unit renders it “ironic” and “entertaining”. It comes in two heights. It is particularly efficient when used together with other units of the same range in the same architectural context.

Baro Bollard Bullards Lighting


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
BaròDifferent codes: 1092.HNX.T.– / 1092.HPX.T.– / 1093.HNX.T.– / 1093.HPX.T.– .05 Anthracite Grey
.13 Light Grey
Two sizes: 55cm(21,65″) x Ø 12,5cm(4,92″) x Ø 7,5cm(2,95″) ; / 90cm(35,43″) x Ø 12,5cm(4,92″) x Ø 7,5cm(2,95″)die-cast aluminumLED Specification Sheet PDF