Break Corner

It is modular, versatile and innovative and it could be used as an angular bar counter or as a reception. Its modular structure matches with Break Bar, Break Line and Ice Bar. Break Corner is a luminous corner bar and it is ideal to light up small places, but also big areas and outdoor. Break Corner matches with a lot of other luminous products on the website, to create different and personalized combination for a complete bar counter. It is a useful and angular bar counter that lights up all kinds of spaces, including small areas. Break Corner could be customized with logos or images, ensuring a unique, easily identified product. Break Corner is available in luminous version and in all standard colours.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
Break CornerLP BRD110 / SD BRD110 .LA Light White
.FT Milky White
.FH Jet Black
.FG Elephant Grey
.FE Chocolate Brown
.FJ Argil Grey
.FP Dove Grey
.FL Powder Blue
.FV Malva Green
.FR Lime Green
.FB Saffron Yellow
.FC Pumpkin Orange
.FD Flame Red
.FU Sweet Fuchsia
120cm(47,24″) x 75cm(29,52″) h 110cm(43,30″) 40kgPolyethyleneE26 Specification Sheet PDF