A public outdoor space needs different Lighting solutions: the right lux level on the paths, scenografic effects for plants and green areas, facades and monument accent lighting. Campus answers to all this requirements using the unique modular system that allows to do it: SLED.The product consists of a solid poles integrating the drivers, and projectors adjustable on two axis, where each module can be oriented in different directions and equipped with 9 emissions according to the project.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
CampusDifferent codes: 2902-GR-0000 ;/ 2903-GR-0000 ;/ 2904-GR-0000 ;/ 2905-GR-0000 .GR Graphite Satin FinishDIMENSIONS(2 sizes):first size:A: Total width device 10,5cm(4,13″) ;L: Total length device 49,7cm(19,56″) ;H: Total height device 8,3cm(3,26″) ;Weight (kg) 5 ; second size: A: Total width device 10,5cm(4,13″) ; L: Total length device 59,4cm(23,38″) ; H: Total height device 8,3cm(3,26″) ; Weight (kg) 6Die-Cast aluminum end caps, AISI 430 stainless steel body with polyester powder coating, with a pluri-processed against corrosion.LED Specification Sheet PDF
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