Cordiale Bar

Roberto Paoli creates Cordiale, a bar counter with a rétro style and it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bauhaus. The function becomes the first step for the creation of the shape. The tension of the project is not only linked to the representation of beauty, but also to the seek of a balance among functional, technical and aesthetic aspects. The geometries that make up the project, as well as the surface finishes, lead back to the materials such as stone or hand-made wood essences. Cordiale is available also with Art Déco finish, thanks to a glossy lacquered upper band. Cordiale collection is composed also by Cordiale Corner and Cordiale Welcome.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
Cordiale BarStandard version: SD CRL110
Lighting OUT: LP CRL110
Art decò finish: SL CRL110
.LA Light White
.LW Light Vanilla
.FT Milky White
.FH Jet Black
.FG Elephant Grey
.FE Chocolate Brown
.FJ Argil Grey
.FP Dove Grey
120cm(47,24″) x 70cm(27,55″) 110cm(43,30″) hPolyethylene, HPLE26 Specification Sheet PDF