Crack Corner

Available in stainless steel, in raw cor-ten steel or artificially oxidised using an accelerated oxidisation treatment. A process that under normal conditions changes an originally orange colour to a reddish-brown colour with tonal variations and nuances, as would occur over 18-36 months. Effects that can lead to the formation of different coloured oxides, giving variation in aesthetic characteristics, even between products. The formation of the oxidized surface layer, takes place only where atmospheric exposure and alternating wet and dry cycles are present. Otherwise the protective layer is not formed and the cor-ten steel behaves like a common steel. When introducing cor-ten, both raw and oxidised, oxide traces can be released that may stain the area surrounding the bollard.

Crack Corner Bullard Bollards




NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
Crack Corner76877/76878 .46 Corten Steel
.17 Oxidised Corten Steel
Two sizes: 71cm(27,95″) x 13cm(5,11″) / 41cm(16,14″) x 13cm(5,11″)steelLED Specification Sheet PDF