Cubo is a large family of lamps. Its sweet and sensual light is able to create a lounge and elegant settings in every indoor and outdoor contract. Cubo is one of the Slide best sellers and it is ideal to contemporary and minimal furnishing. Cubo is available in different dimensions and it could be a hanging lamp, a floor lamp or a table lamp, a luminous coffee table or a stool. Cubo 40 (43 x 43 x 43 cm) is sold exceptionally in the standard version (13 colours) and in the lacquered version (8 colours).


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
CuboLP CUB020 / LP CUE021 / LP CUB032 / LP CUE032 / LA CUB030 / LP CUB042 / LP CUE042 / LA CUB040 / LP CUB042 / SL CUB042 / LP CUB051 / LP CUE051 / LA CUB050 / LP CUB076 / LP CUE076 / .LA Light White20cm(7,87″) x 20cm(7,87″) x 20cm(7,87″) 0,7kg / 30cm(11,81″) x 30cm(11,81″) x 30cm(11,81″) 2,4kg / 43cm(16,92″) x 43cm(16,92″) x 43cm(16,92″) 4,1kg / 50cm(19,68″) x 50cm(19,68″) x 60cm(23,62″) 8kg / 73cm(28,74″) x 73cm(28,74″) x 73cm(28,74″) 20 kgPolyethyleneE26 Specification Sheet PDF