D 66 EMC2

EMC2 is a technical and functional architectural and street LED projector developed to ensure an extraordinary amount of energy saving. Advanced and innovative technical solutions are hidden by a simple and essential design. The high lighting performance, combined with the end-of-life recyclability and with an evolved WI-FI control system, provides exceptional energy efficiency, high visual comfort and maximum security for users.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
D 66 EMC2Different codes: D66/2RA-060-AL ;/ D66/2RA-050-AL ;/ D66/2RA-132-AL ;/ D66/2RA-122-AL ;/ D66/2RA-131-AL ;/ D66/2RA-121-AL .GR Graphite Satin Finish .AL Aluminium GreyTotal width device 65cm(25,59″) ; Total length device 39,5cm(15,55″) ; Total height device 10cm(3,93″) ; Weight (kg) 13,5Corrosion resistant die­cast light alloy fixture support and pole connection. High stress resistant composite technopolymer.LED Specification Sheet PDF
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