D22 Laguna Garden

The laguna range uses new design diffusers that allow to obtain very comfortable and softly diffused white light (opal version) or a scenic blue coloured chromatic effect, yet leaving the downward emission perfectly white. Suitable for refined lighting of gardens, walkways, pedestrian passages, flower-beds and outdoor areas in general. Mounting on poles of different heights, with floor fixing base or inground mounted.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
D22 Laguna GardenDifferent codes: D22/LR12-GR ;/ D22/LR16-GR ;/ D22/LV12-GR ;/ D22/LV16-GR ;/ D22/OP12-GR ;/ D22/OP16-GR ;/ D22/LB12-GR ;/ D22/LB16-GR ;/ D22/LC12-GR ;/ D22/LC16-GR
GR Graphite Satin Finish
Total height device: 120cm(47,24″);Total diameter device 29cm(11,41″)polycarbonate (PC)LED Specification Sheet PDF
IES file