D43 TAU Castaldi

Tau low pole/bollard: a perfect circle for downward light emission. Tau features innovative diffusers for lighting outdoor areas from low and medium heights, and is designed for circular electronic fluorescent lamps or high emission LEDS. The favourable energy-luminous ratio, the totally glare-free softly diffused light, the rigorous design together with high quality materials, make it the right product to light outdoor areas in general. Tau road lighting: a new lamp post for a new way of lighting. The latest T5 fluorescent lamps have a very small diameter (15 mm) and a circular shape that make them particularly compact. Tau project has been developed starting from these features. A slim essential disc that generates soft and comfortable light only downward, thus complying with the luminous pollution Regulations. Tau is an innovative proposal where the present requisites of energy saving and environmental compatibility are widely met.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
D43 TAU CastaldiDifferent codes:D43/1-LWN-GR;D43/1-LWW-GR;D43/2-LWN-GR;D43/2-LWW-GR;D43/3-LWN-GR;D43/3-LWW-GR;/ GR Graphite Satin FinishDifferent sizes:Ø 29cm(11,41″) x 6,5cm(2,55″);Ø 37cm(14,56″) x 6,5cm(2,55″);Ø 50,3(19,80″) x 19,1cm(7,51″) x Ø7,6cm(2,99″)Corrosion resistant die-cast aluminium body.LED Specification Sheet PDF
IES file