D68 Kea Pathway

KEA interprets of light within the residential environments, matching, the needs of lighten different spaces with a complete range of compact outdoor fixtures. The unique composition of the elements remains unchanged among all the lighting fixtures, which makes the Kea range uniform and distinctive. Where the structure stops and the light is generated, the product becomes architecture.



NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
D68 Kea PathwayVaries .GR Graphite Satin Finish .AL Aluminium Grey .DN Embossed White RAL 9003L:24cm(9,44″) x A:4,6 cm(1,81″) x H:22,1(8,70″)Corrosion resistant extruded aluminium post. Corrosion resistant die-cast aluminium body.LED Specification Sheet PDF
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