Ed is a luminous table and it is the perfect mix between different shape and materials: its base is conical and made in polyethylene, its top is round and it is in tempered glass. Thanks to its linear and essential design, Ed could be adapted in every kind of indoor or outdoor settings, for contract, events and private houses. The contemporary lighting base makes richer its elegant design, so Ed is an ideal actor to impress your guests.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
EdSD EDS141 / SL EDS140 / SD EDS140 .LA Light White
.FT Milky White
.FH Jet Black
.FG Elephant Grey
.FE Chocolate Brown
.FJ Argil Grey
.FP Dove Grey
.FL Powder Blue
.FV Malva Green
.FR Lime Green
.FB Saffron Yellow
.FC Pumpkin Orange
.FD Flame Red
.FU Sweet Fuchsia
.QR or .MF Absolute White
.QG or .MK Vanity Grey
.Q2 or .M3 Charming Ivory
.QD or .MN Supreme Red
.QO or .MZ Metallic Gold
.QM or .MY Metallic Silver
.Q4 or .M5 Metallic Copper
Ø 140cm(55,11″) h 72cm(28,34″) 50kgPolyethylene, tempered glass.E26 Specification Sheet PDF