The ELMO line is ideal for illuminating open spaces, pathways and cycle tracks both in residential and public areas. The possibility of having an appliance with 360° and 180° emission makes it very flexible. The two versions are aesthetically identical (the screening is inside the diffuser) making their positioning very straightforward. This product is made in die cast aluminium with high resistance to oxidisation and IP 66 for use with metal halide, fluorescent and halogen lamps depending on applications. The use of metal halide and fluorescent lamps gives excellent energy saving, while halogen lamps ensure rapid start up and an optimum light performance suitable for passageways.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
ElmoGH1311.LRXO300EN 1311.147.O
GH1311.LRXO400EN 1311.148.O
GH1312.LRXO300EN 1312.147.O
GH1312.LRXO400EN 1312.148.O
.05 Anthracite Grey
.13 Light Grey
25cm(9,84″) x 25cm(9,84″);Die cast aluminiumLED Specification PDF