Iberis Planter

The Iberis planter is available in five different styles: three square, two rectangular. Due to its neutral, inconspicuous and cube-like shape, this planter blends in especially well in town and urban surroundings. Additional benefit: height can be increased with an add-on layer.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
Iberis PlanterVaries70cm(27,55") x 70cm(27,55") / 110cm(43,30") x 110cm(43,30") / 140cm(55,11") x 140cm(55,11") Rectangular sizes: 110cm(43,30") x 70cm(27,55") / 140cm(55,11") x 110cm(43,30") Height: 47cm (18,50")ECO plasticLED Specification Sheet PDF