Iona Bench Planter

A bench between planters is nothing new – but a bench that connects planters? That’s new. Our attractive modular system is designed to be adaptable. Base and add-on elements can be combined to form whatever ideas you can throw at it – corners, squares or zig-zags, get creative with Iona!


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
Iona Bench PlanterVaries150cm(59,05″) x 10cm(3,93″) x 4,7cm(1,85″) Seat Height: 47cm(18,50″) Iberis planter: Square sizes: 70cm(27,55″) x 70cm(27,55″) / 110cm(43,30″) x 110cm(43,30″) / 140cm(55,11″) x 140cm(55,11″) Rectangular sizes: 110cm(43,30″) x 70cm(27,55″) / 140cm(55,11″) x 110cm(43,30″) Height: 47cm (18,50″)ECO plasticLED Specification Sheet PDF