Minitondo Stainless Steel

Series of bollards with minimal design available in various heights. Designed to illuminate avenues, walkways, walkways, gardens, and parks without glare, it is available with two types of emission: 360 ° or 180 °. The stainless steel construction makes the product ideal for installation in places near the sea or where very high resistance to corrosion from atmospheric or polluting agents is required. Silicone gaskets ensure maximum sealing in all operating and temperature conditions. The diffuser in polycarbonate makes the product vandal resistant. The product is installed with stainless steel screws on an anchor plate previously anchored to the ground. The product is equipped with the water-lock system that prevents the rising of humidity from the power cable due to the alternating on and off cycles.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
Minitondo Stainless Steel 300GH1447.BRXT300EN 1447.BRX.T.15
GH1447.BRXT400EN 1447.BSX.T.15
GH1447.AHXT300EN 1447.LVX.T.15
GH1447.AHXT400EN 1447.LZX.T.15
GH1415.BRXT300EN 1415.BRX.T.15
GH1415.BRXT400EN 1415.BSX.T.15
GH1415.LVXT300EN 1415.LVX.T.15
GH1415.LVXT400EN 1415.LZX.T.15
15 Stainless Steel60mm(2,36″) x 300mm(11,81″)stainless steel and aluminumLED Specification Sheet PDF
IES file
Minitondo Stainless Steel 500GH1448.BRXT300EN 1448.BRX.T.15
GH1448.AHXT300EN 1448.LVX.T.15
GH1448.AHXT400EN 1448.LZX.T.15
GH1416.BRXT300EN 1416.BRX.T.15
GH1416.BRXT400EN 1416.BSX.T.15
GH1416.LVXT300EN 1416.LVX.T.15
15 Stainless Steel60mm(2,36″) x 500mm(19,68″)stainless steel and aluminumLED Specification Sheet PDF
IES file
Minitondo Stainless Steel 800GH1449.BRXT300EN 1449.BRX.T.15
GH1449.BRXT400EN 1449.BSX.T.15
GH1449.AHXT300EN 1449.LVX.T.15
GH1449.AHXT400EN 1449.LZX.T.15
GH1417.BRXT300EN 1417.BRX.T.15
GH1417.BRXT400EN 1417.BSX.T.15
GH1417.LVXT300EN 1417.LVX.T.15
GH1417.LVXT400EN 1417.LZX.T.15
15 Stainless Steel60mm(2,36″) x 800mm(31,49″)stainless steel and aluminumLED Specification Sheet PDF
IES file