The Okto low level bollard has a strong “personality” and consequently, wherever it may be, it makes its mark on the character of the surrounding space. The downward beam of light dissolving the volume of the apparatus to make it seem light-weight and evanescent, “bobbing” in space.

Okto Bullard Bollards Lighting


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
OktoDifferent codes: 1001.147.S.– / 1001.148.S.– / 1003.147.S.– / 1003.148.S.– .05 Anthracite Grey
.13 Light Grey
Two sizes: 64,5cm(25,39″) x Ø 32cm(12,59″) ; / 62,5cm(24,60″) x Ø 32cm(12,59″)Cast aluminium EN AC 44100 high resistance to oxidationLED Specification Sheet PDF