Old Days Table Lamp

A classic-styled piece turned modern, the Old Days Battery Operated Table Lamp gets its unique charm through its antique-looking design.

Featuring a rusty brass colour with a quaint shape this traditional table lamp encapsulates a timeless elegance that would look amazing styled in a quiet reading corner in need of some mood lighting.

This retro table lamp has the added benefit of being battery operated which allows you to style this piece in any corner of your space without the need for a plug socket. Easily transportable from indoor to outdoor space, this battery-operated lamp saves you the hassle of having to conceal any wires with its sleek and utterly practical design.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
Old Days Table Lamp114000411140004003 Forest Green
11140004001 Magnolia Powder
11140004002 Khaki
Ø 105mm(4,13″)
ABS+GlassLED Specification Sheet PDF