Oxo Bollards

Oxo Bollards are made of natural gypsum and cement, which is green, safe, and healthy. The lamp body does not rust, no oxidation, long service life. The electric part of the light source and the bollard body is designed in a separate structure to facilitate maintenance and replacement. All our products and services are born in order to satisfy people’s continuous pursuit of a more comfortable and more beautiful lighting environment. Therefore, our seamless gypsum and cement art lamps are favored and widely recommended by lighting designers, electrical contractors, developers, and architects.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
Oxo BigKTJM CO6013 .01 Grey
.02 Black
12cm(4,72″)x12cm(4,72″”)x60cm(23,62″)Cement + Stainless steelLED Specification Sheet PDF
Oxo MediumKTJM CO6012 .01 Grey
.02 Black
12cm(4,72″)x12cm(4,72″”)x30cm(11,81″)Cement + Stainless steelLED Specification Sheet PDF