Splay is a versatile display: it can be used as a display during events or as a desk during promotional activity in retail. Thanks to its large front shelf, Splay allows you to catch the attention on the product. Splay is ideal also as banqueting or catering module during elegant events, especially in its bright model. Splay modular and luminous display is created by the eclectic designer Karim Rashid and it is customizable with logos and images for unique events.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
SplaySD SPL100 / SL SPL100 / LP SPL100 .LA Light White
.FT Milky White
.FH Jet Black
.FG Elephant Grey
.FE Chocolate Brown
.FJ Argil Grey
.FP Dove Grey
.FL Powder Blue
.FV Malva Green
.FR Lime Green
.FB Saffron Yellow
.FC Pumpkin Orange
.FD Flame Red
.FU Sweet Fuchsia
.QR or .MF Absolute White
.QG or .MK Vanity Grey
.Q2 or .M3 Charming Ivory
.QD or .MN Supreme Red
.QO or .MZ Metallic Gold
.QM or .MY Metallic Silver
.Q4 or .M5 Metallic Copper
130cm(51,18″) x 70cm(27,55″) h 98cm(38,58″) 40kgPolyethylene, tempered glass.E26 Specification Sheet PDF