Square is a table designed to be the protagonist of brightness and elegance. The luminous square base, made in polyethylene with the technology of rotational moulding, supports a top made in refined transparent tempered glass. Square is the perfect furnishing element for minimalist contract and contemporary events: it is ideal to create an unforgettable and sophisticated atmosphere.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
SquareSL SQR075 / LP SQR075 .LA Light White
.QR or .MF Absolute White
.QG or .MK Vanity Grey
.Q2 or .M3 Charming Ivory
.QD or .MN Supreme Red
.QO or .MZ Metallic Gold
.QM or .MY Metallic Silver
.Q4 or .M5 Metallic Copper
150cm (59,05″) x 150cm(59,05″) h 74cm(29,13″) 88kgPolyethylene, tempered glass.E26 Specification Sheet PDF