Verso Flat Round Collection

Series of wall lighting fixtures characterized by the reduced projection of only 25mm. Available in various sizes, they are designed for lighting driveways, walkways, stairs with indirect light without glare. The body and is made of high oxidation-resistant aluminum alloy which is subjected to nano-bonderite treatment and finished with texturized polyester powder paint, making the product resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays, guaranteeing maximum protection over the years. Silicone gaskets ensure maximum sealing in all operating and temperature conditions. The diffuser in sodium-calcium tempered and ribbed glass, to guarantee the maximum and uniform distribution of light, is silicone directly to the body. The product is installed directly on the walls by screws.


NamePart NumberColorDimensionMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
Miniverso Flat Round 140GH1392.BGXP300EN 1392.FKX.P
GH1392.BGXP400EN 1392.FZX.P
19 Light Grey
05 Dark Grey
140mm(5,51″)x26mm(1,02″) AluminumLED Specification Sheet PDF
Verso Flat Round 220GH1393.CAXP300EN 1393.CAX.P
GH1393.CAXP400EN 1393.CBX.P
19 Light Grey
05 Dark Grey
220mm(8,66″)x26mm(1,02″) AluminumLED Specification Sheet PDF